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A family-run business with long-standing traditions

We provide professionally handcrafted memorials and headstones.

We'll take care of your loved one's grave and headstone, and restore the

distinguished look.

See what our customers say about our friendly and compassionate services.

Our company's history spans over five generations, dating back 100 years.

We're one of the oldest family-run businesses in the country, with our history spanning three centuries and 5 generations. We've acquired unrivalled amounts of experience and understanding of our customers' needs, so that we can provide you the highest quality service that is both friendly and compassionate.


We understand you're going through deeply difficult and upsetting times, having to purchase a memorial for your loved one. That's why we offer our deepest sympathy and undivided attention to you and are always ready to spend time to listen and offer our genuine advice, and never a heartless sales pitch. That's why we are there to listen and lend a genuine compassionate ear to our clients, no matter how long it takes. Clients can sit all day if they want if they just need someone to talk to at Hamiltons we don't mind, we understand and we care.


The present owner, Blair Hamilton, started work at the company during the school holidays and joined the company at the age of 14 (a long time ago). He has a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help you through this difficult family duty.


The senior mason, Stephen Close, has over 30 years experience in the industry and offers his expertise to produce the highest quality memorials.


We pride ourselves on being truly master craftsmen with long traditions and several lifetimes of experience passed from father to son in our family. We distinguish ourselves from our colleagues as having an unrivalled reputation and proven track record. You can be sure to receive the highest quality service at T. Hamilton as our business was built upon customer satisfaction and a friendly, compassionate service.



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Friendly & compassionate

Est. 1895